Monday, May 29, 2006

Start with a good purge

Well, I'm back to blogging. The husband walked out on me Super Bowl Sunday, so no worries about his family reading my gripes anymore. I just moved into the "West Wing", an ultra-girly room equipped with a yarn closet to die for. Today's challenge is to get rid of as much acrylic yarn as possible, there's no way I can keep it all. Acrylic is a guilty pleasure for me. It's bright, cheap and durable. If I decide I want to make an afghan, I can buy the yarn for it with less than $30 and have no guilt when I never get past the first 1/2 of strip in the mile-a-minute pattern. *Grin* Now I have about 6 garbage bags full of yarn to dispose of. We're having a garage sale and that's where most of it will go. What I can't decide is what, if any, I should keep.


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