Monday, June 05, 2006

On with the New!

It's been one hell of a week, the kind where you wish you'd just stayed in bed and played hookey from life. But, the good news is that the yarn I ordered last weekend arrived on Saturday and of course I got started on it right away! For whatever reason, I thought that at least the scarf yarn would be in balls but it was in twisted skeins and I got out my swift and ball winder to take care of those 2 skeins. It was so nice to be ABLE to get out the swift and actually have a place to use it again! I also wound one of the 4 skeins of Grape Jelly lace weight yarn I haven't yet decided on a pattern for yet. Lace yarn is such a pain to wind into a skein because there's so damn much of it!!! 440 yards per skein - you have to wind it when your arm has had a chance to rest.

So the first project to start from the new yarn is my Stockpot Scarf. May I just say again that eyelash yarns are not my favorite? The pattern is basically that you cast on stitches for the scarf lengthwise, in my case 175, then knit a few inches (3-4 is recommended) and then cast off... ta-da! The problem is that, while I love the yarn I chose, the colors are somewhat less flattering next to my face. My color is pink, but I was trying to do things a little different for a change and went with turquoise and blues. I will say that the Butterfly Kisses eyelash yarn is a vast improvement over the LB Fun Fur that has refused to go quietly into the fad closet. The scarf is fluffy, not furry. Would I make another one of these scarves? Possibly in a pink shade, but I'd only buy 1 skein of base yarn and split it into 2 balls rather than buying two skeins.

The biggest disappointment was the KnowKnits GoKnit pouch. At $18, I felt it was a little flimsy and a lot overpriced. The idea is good, I felt the material, while nice & light weight, should have been a little more sturdy. I only paid $12.50 for the Circular Solution Port-A-Pocket, which is overkill on sturdy, a little too heavy and too small to be practical for most projects - that would be closer to the price point I would have expected for the GoKnit pouch. But, whatever, it's a good idea. I don't know how walking & knitting will work for me - I have a hard time walking & talking at the same time - but I love that I can put a ball of yarn in there, snap the guide loop around the working yarn, and not have to worry about the ball getting unwound or tangled or my kids picking it up and running around with it. I plan to give it's portability factor a test drive this afternoon when I go to the doctor's office. The current project I'm using it for is my Zarella Skydiving Wrap. I'd gotten a little into my 2nd ball of yarn and realized that there was no way that 4 balls would be enough, so this week I picked up 2 more balls, which should be more than enough.

I haven't decided what to do with the Grape Jelly yarn, Shadow. I got 4 skeins, they are 440 yds each, which is more than enough for a shawl. The question is - what pattern? I had a thought of doing the EZ Pie Are Square shawl again - like I mentioned before, I started it with Zephyr in a hideous turquoise shade but have since neglected it. Or maybe I should do a simple crocheted blanket with it double stranded? I can't decide. I just know I really need to start finishing things because I am running out of room for this stuff and I don't want to give or throw any more away!

What I'm really in the need of is a simple all knit project... maybe take a look at my Knit Stitch book for some ideas. My waist scarf is all knit with increases at the beg of every row, but I left that at work. My physical need right now is for a fanny pack type pouch that I can tie around my waist to hold my ipod mini, house keys and cell phone when I go for walks. Cotton makes the most sense - since it's durable, non-stretchy, non furry - won't get into the charging ports of my electronics. The next question is whether I should knit or crochet. Crochet is quicker, and for this project would probably be the better, sturdier choice. I'm going to try walking a few miles every day to drop some of the baby fat I'm still holding onto after 2 years since Courtney was born. This morning at 2am I went for a walk, had my ipod on a lanyard around my neck, which is very annoying when you're walking and it's bouncing against you every step of the way, I had my keys in my hand, and 2 houses away I realized that I hadn't taken my cell phone with me. My workout clothes don't have pockets or belt loops, so the knit pouch wouldn't help, so I decided to make myself something. Times like these, I wish I sewed instead of knit. It would be so much quicker.


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