Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Back on the Right Track

Well, I read & re-read the pattern for the Pie Are Square shawl until I figured out that the lace holes I was seeing all the way to the eyelets that are formed at the shoulders were actually fake increases, so I was doing the pattern right. I thought I'd misunderstood the pattern because when I followed it, I only had the lace holes across the middle back and ending where I stopped increasing on either side. I was relieved to find that I hadn't gotten it wrong after so much garter stitching. I did go buy a 52" cable for my Denise needles so that I could stretch out the piece and make sure it looked the right shape so far. At this point, it's more than 52" across the working end, so I won't be able to get an accurate idea now until it's enough to actually try on. I'm amazed that I haven't gotten sick of the garter stitch. In fact, I keep going in hopes I'll get to the next increase, because for some reason I feel like the more stitches on the needle, the more impressive the work is. I'm probably going to have to do an extra set of increases because so far I've done 4 increases (the center 16 have been doubled 3 times, now 128) and it's coming to just over my shoulders from my neck. I plan to block the heck out of this thing, but I expect that I still have quite a while to go yet. I'm still on my first ball of yarn when I expect to need 4 balls, if that gives me some idea of how much work is still ahead of me. The Go Knit bag is working out well, I snap it onto my steering wheel on lunch when I knit in the car. I haven't tried it too much while walking around, primarily because I need to get my glasses updated and can't see well enough to knit lace weight and walk at the same time.

My other big projects, the Stockpot Scarf, and the Skydive wrap, have been neglected for the past few weeks. I might sit and work on the skydive wrap because that's bulky and requires no concentration. I have a headache. I dread going to work tomorrow.


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