Thursday, November 16, 2006

Something for me

Well, after spending all week with my sick kids, watching the same movies over & over (Doogal, Cars, Monsters Inc, Bug's Life), I do have a little knitting to show for it. I started a felted bag a week or two ago... just a shape I came up with myself that will hopefully turn into a useable bag post-felting. I just have to finish the cord handle and it'll be ready for the washer. I worked for a short while on my Mega sock for my dad. I've gotta hustle if I'm going to get even one sock done for each person!!! :)

This Christmas we've decided to skip our traditional "Screw your Neighbor" game and go with "this is what I bought myself for christmas" instead. No spending limit - just buy yourself what you want and wrap it up. Everyone will expect me to buy myself yarn or yarn supplies. I think I might buy myself a Nintendo DS Lite (coral pink, of course.) There is a new generation of games coming out that I think I might be interested in. My Gameboy Advance SP (red was the most me I could get at the time) is missing - my ex says he "doesn't think" he has it, which means he probably does. So if I'm going to buy a new console, it's going to be this new one with a touch screen that I can play brain teasers, sudoku, and kids games on. I have 2 girls who are almost old enough to play this stuff. I got a Leapster for Jo for Christmas. Their father is a gaming addict (at least he was until he decided to wander out of our marriage), so I think/hope some of that got transfered to them... there are a lot of learning games out there if you can figure out how to work the machines that run them.

Tonight I'm having a jewelery party - I have to get my room presentable enough so my mom can give a quick tour, which is nearly impossible. Thank god for Armoirs for computers and tvs!


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