Thursday, November 30, 2006


As if I didn't have enough going on, this week I picked up a few more pastimes to waste away my hours. On Sunday I went to the store to pick up my supposed christmas gift to myself - a Nintendo DS Lite Coral pink video game system and a game called Brain Age. I had been upset to discover on Friday night that every online store was saying the system was sold out or backordered. My friends told me I'd eventually find one. Then on Saturday I came home from work to an email that said that Circuit City had them in stock again. I didn't order it for pickup - I figured, Hey, I'll just go on my lunch. I got there and when I found the endcap where they should be, there was only 1 system and it happened to be the pink one! I figured it was meant to be. I was slightly disappointed that they didn't have the game I wanted, but then I checked the newspaper and it was supposed to be free when you bought the system, they couldn't find me a copy so they put a note on my receipt and I can go back and get it later for no charge. I love the system - I suck at video games, but this thing is touch sensitive so you can manipulate it with a stylus and my Finding Nemo game actually has you blow into the microphone to give the baggies with fish in them a quick gust to push them forward faster. Mouth Powered! I can handle that! I plan to stock up on a few more games before my trip to Vegas so I can play them on the airplane. The trip is like 12 hours each way - knitting will be boring way before I get in the air after getting up and being at the airport by 4:30am!

The other fascination I've come back to is tatting. Needle tatting I've done before - several years back. I could never get the hang of shuttle tatting, and of course now that I'm trying to do it, everyone is scaling back their supplies at the craft stores. I found a great site for instructions, but my work isn't coming out like the pictures. I'm not giving up yet, though, because I've sunk almost $20 into it this week for shuttles, thread, and books. I'd like to make at least 1 christmas ornament if I can.


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