Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Resolution - Yarn Famine

My resolutions for 2007 are pretty mild and should be attainable for the most part. I decided to go with "wear makeup to work" as my #1, which of course I failed to do on Jan 2nd. My other goals are to work out 3x a week (instead of losing 50 pounds), pay my bills on time (instead of saving every penny), and spend more time with my kids (instead of making my world revolve around them). Finally, *No more Yarn* purchases for the year. Think I can do it? I think if I dedicate myself to this I can really do it. It's not like I'm giving up knitting or crocheting. I have a whole closet full of yarn in every weight and fiber. Just think how liberating it will be to avoid yarn sales, yarn sites, yarn stores... never having to make a decision between sale yarn or full price lovelies. For christmas I bought myself a box full from Smiley's to make 2 shrugs and 3 scarves. Before that I bought yarn to make socks. I got yarn to make my friend's new baby a blanket. I have plenty to keep me busy. Plus I've been online enjoying some new friendships and networking, so I haven't even had time to sit with idle hands lately.

Oh, and my trip to Vegas is in 38 days! Sock projects will probably win out on that one, since they're small, light weight and I can work on them without taking over the whole row in the airplane. If I get bored I have my Nintendo DS to keep me busy.

Oh, and I picked up some books online at B&N. I decided to look for a new planner, they were on sale so I picked up one for me and another daily one to use as a record of my kids' days so their father can read about what he's missing if he cares to. You get free shipping if you spend $25, so I picked out about 7 paperbacks for $2 each. I love books published by Red Dress Ink. That should keep me busy for a while.

I'm still waiting to hear from my lawyer to find out if my divorce is finalized yet, and if it was done by the end of the year. It would solve an argument we'll be having over how to file our taxes if it were. I can't wait to get back to my maiden name. The past 2 weeks I've made greater strides in getting my life back on track than I have in the past 11 months since my husband left. I hope to come back from my trip to Vegas in a better state of mind.


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