Thursday, July 13, 2006

1 sleeve down

Well, after I reviewed the pattern, found my mistake, and fixed it, the sleeve was eventually finished. And boy is it huge!!! I've never done a raglan pattern, so having a sleeve cap that's almost as wide as the sweater is scary. I did start the back piece of the sweater and have completed the 42 rows of ribbing and I'm now onto the stockinette part. I'm trying to decide how much length to add to the sweater. I'm more of a tunic length person, but with the ribbing making the bottom more form fitting to my big butt & hips, I should probably not try to go too long. I'm already onto the 5th skein of yarn and I'm nowhere near 1/2 way thru the pattern yet. I'm glad I ordered 2 extra skeins, but I'm not sure how much that really buys me in added length. I need to find my tape measure and figure out how long it's going to be on me if I don't make any changes... maybe my short waisted-ness will work in my favor on this one.


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