Saturday, January 20, 2007


Well, the past few weeks have been hectic, exciting and depressing. I had an unexpected fling. Then became better friends with a new guy who is a computer geek and seems really sweet. How can you not love a guy who tries to help you with your finances? I've also come to a new plateau in my relationship with my ex husband, who tells me that he still loves me but just can't live with me. Amid all of this activity, I've not picked up a single knitting needle or crochet hook, and that's suiting me just fine for now. I've been online a lot, and also reading some great books. I ordered a bunch more from's $2 post-holiday sale. My trip to Vegas is coming up quick, and I might be leaving yarn behind and dragging along a few novels, my DS Lite, and my iPod instead. The main downside of the ipod is that it really needs it's battery replaced, and I won't have a car to charge it in. So maybe it'll be back to my discman? Oh, how I cringe!


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