Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ape Arms

Ok, I'm getting scared - I finished sleeve 2 of banff and laid out the 2 sleeves and back of the sweater and figured that the sleeves are going to be either 6" longer than my arms or cuffed up to my elbow! I'm also frightened by the seeming lack of yarn which, at this point I should be done with my sweater at the end of the current skein, and instead I'll only be a couple inches into the front of the sweater! I was trying desperately to get the front moving so that I could order more yarn if need be over the weekend. Knitpicks is killing me with their sale on summer yarns! I wanted Spinnaker for a sweater for myself and they reduced the price $4/skein, but I still can't afford it until I get Banff done. I also want to get a pair of socks out of the way. I think a small project like some simple socks with the Easter Sock Memories yarn will help break the monotony of all this purple I've been working with - Grape Banff and Grape Jelly Pie Are Square.

I've been on Effexor for a week and I feel so great right now. I got mostly caught up on my laundry, bought video boxes to get my video stash from the basement straightened up. I got a new cd with some music that's fresh and happy instead of listening to old stuff from the 90's that depresses me as I reminisce. I'm working a different shift this week since I had training scheduled and it was cancelled without notice on Friday before I left for the weekend. My boss got me rescheduled for an earlier than normal shift so I can get home earlier and hopfully the shift will be a little easier since I'm coming in before it gets crazy busy. I'm in the process of getting red streaks in my hair - about 4 more minutes before I rinse. And we're talking Crayola Red not Feria Auburn here. I prefer pink, but Walmart didn't carry that color anymore, so Red it is. I needed to spice things up a bit. When the red fades I have some hot pink semi-perm professional stuff to cover it with.


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