Saturday, July 22, 2006

Knit Lites

Ok, today I said something I never thought I would ever say - "My new knitting needle's batteries are dead." That's right, I purchased a pair of glowing needles this morning, one turned out to be defective so I had to go back and get it swapped. Knit Lites are the invention of Edith Eig and her husband. I am not a fan of Edith's - she had a show on DIY several years ago where she had celebrities such as Tracy Gold knitting next to lawers and stay at home moms. I've read that she is a snob in person on several blogs, and that's sort of ruined my opinion of her. Anyway, the needles, although they are straight which I normally despise, are working decently in my Pie Are Square Shawl. I haven't had a chance to use them in the complete darkness yet, but will try it tonight. figured that project is garter stitch, I should be able to accomplish that in the dark now that the needle tips light up. It was a toss up between size 6's and 10's because I'm still working on Banff on size 10's. But would I really be working that on straight needles with bulky yarn? Not hardly! I'm getting my money's worth out of my Knit Picks Options needles, which have not unscrewed in the slightest since I used the tightening tool instead of trying to hand tighten the needles onto the cable.

I'm still working on sleeve 2 of Banff, then I just have the back to do. I should be able to get a lot done tonight and tomorrow. The girls were being good just until I wrote that, of course.


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